Welcome to Thermal Products Incorporated

Thermal Products manufactures heat exchangers and is a stocking distributor for Basco, Ketema, ITT, Thermal Transfer, American Industrial and Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers with quick ship capabilities. Thermal Products understands the importance of being able to provide quality designs and products in a timely fashion to get you back up and running. When your process goes down, Thermal Products stands ready to assist. Our engineering knowledge and attention to customer service afford us the ability to optimally design an engineered solution to your application needs with many of the products below.
Thermal Products Inc can offer direct replacement and new application tube bundles for many manufacturers, providing our customers with tube bundles that are of the same (or greater) quality than the original.
Heatec's Electric Process Heating Systems (EHI) offer fully customized, efficient and flexible designs to heating needs for a variety of process fluids. Heatec offer many types of process heating technologies, which can be incorporated into complete packaged process systems, and controlled with state of the art control systems suitable for any environment.

Engineered Solutions to Industrial Applications

Regardless of your industry, Thermal Products, Inc has the right equipment for your process requirements. The dependability of our product line can satisfy even the most demanding and versatile clients.

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