Lectrodryer, is a principle supplier to chemical processing plants and oil refineries all over the world with quality drying systems. Lectrodryer plays a vitally important role in solving the drying and purification problems of industry with heavy emphasis on the power industry. Currently, Lectrodryer serves such markets as compressed air,  chemical processing, gas manufacturing and refining, solvent drying, sewage/water treatment, and power generation. It has designed and manufactured units for every major generator manufacturer and is a leader in providing new control technology.

Some applications include:

  • Gases, liquids, and other process drying
  • Low pressure and custom refrigeration drying
  • Standard units and custom designs
  • Complete in-house engineering and fabrication
  • Design capabilities covering a broad range of pressures
  • Design to ASME, ANSI, NEMA and NEC standards
  • Compressed air, water treatment, gas and liquid dryers 

Regardless of your industry, Thermal Products, Inc has the right equipment for your process requirements.  The dependability of our product line can satisfy even the most demanding and versatile clients.