Thermal Transfer Products


Thermal Transfer Products catalogs a broad offering of fluid power related heat exchangers utilized in mobile, industrial, compressor & process Industries. And, manufacture custom engineered OEM engine cooling modules. Thermal Transfer designs and builds heat exchangers from aluminum and copper materials, both components and multi-tiered cooling modules. They apply the expertise and experienced gained from 40 years of manufacturing high quality heat transfer products.

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Brazed Plate Exchangers
  • Oil coolers, radiators, charge air, and aftercoolers
  • Industrial & Mobile Applications
  • Compressors
  • Process Cooling
  • Custom Core Solutions
  • T-BAR, P-BAR, and S-BAR

Regardless of your industry, Thermal Products, Inc has the right equipment for your process requirements. The dependability of our product line can satisfy even the most demanding and versatile clients.